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Limako playground line

Limako line has been created in a colorful and unique way, products from this line are made of stainless steel which is formed to a snail shape. In this line, there are climbing frames for three age groups of users – baby, kids, and teenagers. The line consists of models like seesaws, swings, roundabouts, spring toys, sandbox, multifunctional boards, and municipal equipment. All devices are forming to a snail shape.

Platforms are made of HPL board with non-slip texture with a thickness of 10mm. Other elements like the roof, entrance ramp, sides of the slide, climbing walls and colorful panels are made of HDPE material with a thickness of 15mm.

Limako line is made of stainless steel AISI 304 which is durable during any atmospheric conditions and intensive exploitation.

Walls, sides, and roof are made of HDPE materials. Colours which dominates in this line are yellow and green, there is an option to chose a different colour as per the colour palette. We offer the same price for colours like orange, blue, brown, dark green, grey, white, red, purple and white.

The floor is mainly produced in black HPL however, we have a special offer for our customers from warm countries. It's possible to produce the Limako line in HPL materials for roof and walls.

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