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Concrete benches

Concrete benches for an urban environment

Concrete benches manufactured by Inter-Play allow to combine lower price with greater durability while retaining the modern look, the major feature of these products is brilliant fitting to the urban environment. Those benches step out from the rest of benches with its plentiful customizability which is the result of dividing benches into separate segments.

Concrete as durable material

Material from which concrete benches are made is one of the most reliable materials used in the urban building profession which we pass by many times every day, and because of it our benches gently blend in between the forest of buildings which city certainly is. Moreover, this material is very durable and much cheaper than many alternative feedstocks used in building benches. On top of this creation, we placed wooden planks which are impregnated so they can resist though weather conditions. This whole conception lets you calm down in the ambiance of fresh air.

Modern benches for street surroundings

While designing those benches we have got street structures on our mind as destination area of placement, and thus they have cold color  temperature that fits perfect in urban regions, but no one would want to sit on cold “stone” so we aggregated it with contrasting sits and backrests made of impregnated wooden planks which give us comfort while using them.

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